How to Write Best Stories on TAT Pictures During SSB Interview

TAT stands for Thematic Apperception Test. It starts on the second day of SSB. It is the first psychology test of stage 2. On the second day, the screened in candidates have to face various psychology tests like-

  • TAT
  • WAT
  • SRT
  • SD

How to Write TAT in SSB Interview

Like PPDT you have to write a story in TAT also. But the only difference in between them is the picture is not as hazy in TAT as in PPDT. And it contains 12 (11+1) pictures. First 11 slides are having a black and white picture or sketches.

The last or 12th slide is a blank one and you have to write a story on it. The period for each slide is 4 minute and 30 seconds which means the picture is shown for 30 seconds and 4 minutes period is given to write a story on this picture.

TAT Story in SSB
TAT Story in SSB

TAT is a psychology test which reveals the true personality of a candidate. Actually all psychology test are used for analyzing a candidate’s personality and also officer like quality.

Important Tips for Writing Stories on SSB TAT Pictures

  1. Have you ever thought why the psychologist asks you for writing 12 stories? The answer is simple he/she wants to know the hidden qualities of your personality and do you have officer like quality?
  2. Look at the picture carefully that will visible on the screen for 30 seconds and make an idea in your mind about it.
  3. Now simply start to write a story on that idea. Try to write beginning thoughts of that idea.
  4. Every story has a central character which solves the problem. That main character or hero is the best way for representing the qualities of you.
  5. Never try to write preconceived stories because it will lower the chances of your recommendation. So don’t try to write cram stories from a book or internet.
  6. Never try to kill anyone in your story. Write the positive things in your story. Remember that you are writing a realistic story not a movie or play.
  7. Clearly mention the purpose or goal of the hero.
  8. If you are facing any problem for writing a story on a particular picture then immediately leave that and move to the next picture. Never waste a single second.
  9. Once you have written your story then never try to cut or change the whole story. By doing so you are only wasting your time and also it will leave a bad impact of you on the psychologist.
  10. On 12th slide you can write any story. Always try to write a story of your own experiences or problem you have faced and how you overcame on them.
  11. Never try to describe the sketch like in picture there are two boys and one girl/it is having an old man and a young man. By describing such things you are only wasting your time. You can do such things in PPDT story.
  12. Do practice for writing the story in less than 4 minutes. By doing so you can easily write the story in TAT before the fixed time.
  13. Always write the story of own imagination. Never try to copy the story of other candidate. If it does not match with anyone then you need to be much worried about it.
  14. If anywhere you have to mention the name of character then write the name of your group members.
  15. Try to narrate the officer like quality as many as you can.
  16. Without touching pen and paper just observe the picture for initially 30 seconds. We are mentioning it again because some candidates show rush for writing the story without observing the picture well.

These are the various tips which will help you to write the story in SSB TAT easily. Always remember one thing never copy the story of other group member, show the real of you. Still you are having doubts then you can ask us.

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