SSB Interview Guide For Fresher & Repeaters Candidates

In SSB Interview there are various tests like PPDT, GTO 1, GTO 2, Psychology test, OIR, personal interview, LECTUARTTE etc. So SSB is the combination of these tests.

All of these are very important and will decide your stay at SSB centre. PPDT and OIR which are also known as screening test, start on the very first day of SSB Interview.

While the rest of tests are in stage 2 and start on 2nd day of SSB. Only those candidates can attend these rests of tests who will get screen in of day 1 test.

On the performance of these tests assessors will observe a candidate’s original personality. On the basis of these tests the psychologist, Ground Testing Officer (GTO) and interviewing officer will search out the subconscious mind of a candidate.

They will understand everything about you and your personality on the basis of your action and reaction during GTO, your replies or answer in personal interview and subject or topic of your story in PPDT or TAT.

The common aim of all these tests is to find out about your actual personality. Also on the basis of your performance in one test will make them able to find out the result/report of another test. They do so because they are selecting the future defense officer for our country. At this stage a minor mistake will cause a great disaster in future for our country and its people. This is the reason SSB Interview is called one of the toughest interviews.

Only the purpose of these tests is to find out the present state of your mind/mental level. It doesn’t any matter that you are screen out or a merit out candidate. Also there is no effect of your previous attempts.

In past it may be possible that you were not capable of becoming an officer. But now you have improved and have all the qualities of an officer. So never lose hope and keep trying more and more efforts until you will get your aim or goal.

Advice for Fresher Candidates

  • All of you have your first attempt. So don’t let it go. Make some hard effort for it and never lose hope.
  • The quote of Indian Army “Come Prepared” does not indicate that you should go to coaching classes and apply those learned tricks in SSB Interview. It only indicates that you must have the complete knowledge of all tests and how to perform in these various tests.
  • You must have the complete knowledge of all procedure of SSB Interview in advance. You can also find the complete procedure of it on your common call up letter. So read it carefully. It will contain all 5 days procedure. They will treat same methods for all candidates. It doesn’t any matter a candidate is fresher, repeater, conference out or merit out.
  • Collect or gather every single thing about SSB Interview. No matter from where you are collecting them. You can also visit the official site of Indian Army. From here you can get the complete procedure of SSB Interview.
  • After knowing about all procedure of SSB Interview keep trying to apply them in practical like to talk in English, start to write stories etc.

Instructions for Repeater Candidates

  • All of you have already faced SSB Interview one or more times. So you must aware about all procedure of it. Now take some advantage of your previous attempt.
  • Observe or trying to find out the weak areas of your previous attempt and trying to improve them.
  • Keep your practice continues for writing TAT stories.
  • During psychology test of writing self-description, mention the positive things of yourself in it.
  • Find out the answer of this question:

Why were you rejected from SSB Interview during previous attempt?

  • Now they will ask another question i.e. did you improve yourself?
  • You must improve all the weak areas of yourself which will become the cause of your rejection. Because improving you is a quality of gentleman.
  • You must have the complete knowledge of current issues and boarder problems.

Hope that these instructions/advices clear your all doubts. If you have any question or doubt then discusses it in the comment box.

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