SSB Interview Coaching….. !!! Compulsory or Not ?

SSB (Service Selection Board) Interview is one of the toughest tests for getting selected in Indian Armed forces. Every year, there are many competitive exams like NDA, AFCAT, CDS etc. these are the entrance exams for joining Indian Army, Indian Air Force and Indian Navy. At first, the candidates have to qualify written exam.

After qualifying the written exam you have to face SSB Interview.

Now here takes birth many questions in your mind like, shall I join any coaching center and which coaching center is best for SSB Interview etc. These questions are also arising in my mind when I successfully qualify written exam. But still I did not get any satisfactory answer of these questions.

Whenever any candidate qualifies written exam, these questions are common to arise in his/her mind. There are many coaching centers which are meant for SSB Interview Coaching. Through this article you will be able to get the answers of these various questions.

SSB Interview Coaching Importance

Finding the answer of these questions is one of the difficult jobs. There are many candidates who took coaching of SSB Interview and cleared it in their first attempt. On the other hand there are so many candidates who took coaching more than one time and still they are trying to clear it. There is no coaching institute which can clear your SSB Interview.

The success rate of India’s top most coaching institutes is very low. So, merely join any coaching institute it does not mean that you will clear SSB Interview. It only guides you and introduces you with all the various tests of Interview that you are going to face. Everything will depend on you that how you will utilize the information of coaching institutes.

On joining institute, the fresher candidates will be familiar with all the tests of SSB Interview. The main purpose of conducting these various tests is evaluating Officer like Qualities (OLQ) of a candidate. Joining any coaching institute is not a bad idea.

Here we want to tell you one thing that you must join these institutes as a source of information. If you talk any candidate including recommended candidates they only advise you there is no need to join any institute for SSB Interview.

Besides of these institutes there are many sources of information about SSB Interview. Some of these are:

  • Discuss with the repeaters
  • Read the experiences of recommend candidates
  • Take the help of internet like finding the procedure and tests of SSB Interview
  • Also read the view of retired officers
  • Check the SSB procedure individually of all three wings (Indian Army, Indian Air Force, Indian Navy) on their respective official pages

Also there are many things which we learn from our family, friends, society and our own life incidents. And all these events and experiences change our character. All over the country, there is no coaching center who will take 100% guarantee of your success in SSB Interview.

We are not trying to say that you should not join any center. Join them but only for the purpose of collecting more and more information about Interview.

Some Commonly Asked Query / Doubts

Whenever a fresher candidate or even a repeater candidate visits a SSB selection center for SSB interview, he/she will be carrying a load of doubts & queries of various kinds. Some common doubts are listed below:

  • What will happen at the SSB interview selection center?
  • What they will ask from me?
  • Will there be any physical task?
  • What is PPDT Story?
  • What is the difference between PPDT story & TAT Story?
  • Will I be able to speak/answer their questions?
  • What was the reason of rejection in last attempt?
  • How many candidates will sit in Group Discussion?
  • How I will reach at the selection center?
  • Where I will stay for 5 days of SSB interview?
  • What kind of testing is SSB interview?
  • What is this GTO Task?
  • What is Screening ?
  • What is Conference?
  • Who is repeater?
  • What is the difference between a repeater and a fresher?
  • Will I get enough chance to show my OLQ?
  • I was Screen out in last attempt so I am fresher or a repeater candidate? etc.

For clearing all these doubts & queries candidates try to find a helping hand. This helping hand is SSB Interview coaching.

Candidate knows that he/she is going to attend SSB interview. There he/she will undergo various tests. So they want to prepare for it. It’s like we want to prepare for Civil services exam and we don’t know the syllabus of exam. Then it’s very difficult for us to prepare for the exam and clearing it. So we want some mean of information. SSB interview coaching is that source of information. But candidates take it in a wrong way and convert it into a cramming center. They cram stories, sentences and answers.

Taking coaching is not a bad or wrong thing. But candidates are advised to use it only as a source of information. That is the best utilization of coaching center.

Some other sources are also there. You can also use them for same purpose. You can read experience of other recommended candidates. You can search on internet for SSB interview procedure. Indian Army, Indian Air Force and Indian Navy had provided information regarding their individual SSB procedure. You may check that also.

So the conclusion is that SSB Interview coaching is not a must thing. It is neither bad nor wrong. It does all depend on your wish. Just remember that coaching can’t change real you within 15 days and preconceived ideas doesn’t work in SSB interview. You need to prepare. Now it’s your wish that you will prepare by yourself or in a coaching center.

In our next 2 article we will explain benefits of coaching center and drawbacks of coaching center and academies.

Conclusion:  So coaching center is neither must nor bad or wrong thing for SSB Interview. But there is no institute which can change the inner personality or qualities of a candidate. You have to change them yourself.

Now it depends on you that how will you improve your confidence level and communication skill by joining coaching centers or yourself. In our second part of SSB coaching, we will discuss about the advantages of coaching centers and drawback of joining these institutes.

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