How to Pass SSB Screening Test | Intelligence Test | Picture Perception | Discussion Test

The qualified candidates of written exam will be called for SSB Interview of 5 Days. SSB has two stages. In stage 1 screening test is conducted and in stage 2 there are 3 tests-

  • Psychological Test
  • Group Testing Officer (GTO) Test
  • Personal Interview

All of these 3 tests are conducted on day 2/3/4/5. Only the screened in candidates of Day 1 are able to appear in these various tests. Also there are two phase in the screening test-

  1. I.R (Officers Intelligence Rating) Test
  2. P.D.T (Picture Perception & Discussion Test)

Screening test is not only the important test of SSB Interview but also the toughest one. The main purpose of this test is to find out the analyzing ability of a candidate and to gauge his/her mind potential. Let us discuss about screening test and various tips to clear it.

Intelligence Test

SSB Screening Test

Intelligence is aimed to test the inner ability of a candidate. In this test the candidates are asked to solve the set of verbal and non-verbal reasoning problems in a short period of time. The time period is very less so tried to solve the problems as many as you can. Also there is no negative marking in this test so try to attempt all questions.

Important Point about Intelligence Test:

  • Do practice of solving such reasoning and aptitude problems with the help of some aptitude books.
  • No one is allowed to take any watch in the SSB hall. So try to solve the questions within the time limit.
  • Don’t waste time on solving that question which you feel difficult. Immediately move to next question and solve it.
  • There is no negative marking in this test. So try to solve the questions as many as you can.
  • Listen the instructions of cutting and changing of any answer carefully.
  • Never try to ask the officer about marking scheme.
  • Don’t write anything on question booklet. Use the answer booklet for writing your solution of problems.
  • Clear all doubts and questions of you before the test. After starting the test the officer will not give any answer of your question or problem.

Picture Perception & Discussion Test

At day 1 of SSB, PPDT is the second test of screening. It is a simple test. In this test the candidates are sitting in a hall and a hazy picture is shown to them on a projector screen just for 30 seconds and you have to write a story about that picture within 4 minutes.

Then you have to discuss your story in with the group members (10-15 members). The main aim of this test is to examine the imagination and communication skill of a candidate.

Important Points about PPDT:

  • Write a positive story about that picture and try to reflect yourself in it.
  • Write the number of character, their age, sex, mood and action in the square box.
  • The simple method of writing a story is to take an example of your own life events, relate them with the picture and then write a simple and positive story.
  • Complete the story within time limit.
  • Avoid writing unnecessary things in your story. Don’t try to make it large. No matter it is small just try to clear the basic idea of it.
  • You can also narrate your story in Hindi if you are not comfortable in English.
  • Narrate the story in loud and clear voice.
  • Everyone has its own imagination. So write the story of your own imagination. Never try to copy it with another candidate.
  • If you were not able to complete the story on answer sheet in time then narrate the complete story.
  • Discuss whatever you have written on answer sheet. Don’t write to narrate a different story.
  • Listen the instructions of officer carefully and follow them.
  • Be cool and confident and listen other candidates patiently.

Here we have discussed all the basics of day 1 screening test and the various points to clear it. Hope that this article will help you to clear the first hurdle of SSB. If you have more suggestions about clearing screening test then discuss them in comment box. Don’t get disappointed if you getting screened out improve yourself and come back again.

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