Latest Lecturette Topics in GTO – Common Lecturette Topics for SSB Interview

Lecturette is one of the important tests of SSB Interview which is conducted by GTO during group task. The main goal of lecturette is to judge the personality of a candidate.

It is a small speech or talk which is delivered by a candidate in front of GTO and his group members. During lecturette process the GTO will check the complete personality traits of a candidate like his/her confidence, body language, fluency and expressions etc. During Lecturette a candidate has the best opportunity to impress GTO by delivering his/her speech confidently.

Procedure of Lecturette

In Lecturette there is very simple and easy procedure. All the candidates are sitting on chairs in semi-circle row according to their chest number. The GTO has various cards and seating behind you for observing the personality of every candidate.

There are 3 or 4 topics on it. A candidate will be asked to come forward to pick a card according to their chest number in ascending or descending order and move a distance for preparing one of the desired topics. The candidate has to prepare his topic only in just 3 minutes. After completing the time duration the candidate has to come on GTO’s call.

SSB Lecturtte Topics
SSB Lecturtte Topics

Then submit the card and start to speak on the topic in front of the group. As soon as the first candidate starts to speak the next candidate come forward pick the card and walk away for preparing his/her topic while the first one is delivering his topic. The procedure continues until the last candidate delivers his topic.

At the end of every 02:30 minutes GTO rings a bell or any other signal for both the candidates, one is preparing his/her topic and other one is speaking on the already prepared topic. After completing 3 minutes the bell again rings which indicates to stop speaking.

General Tips for Lecturette

  • Speak to the straight point and during speaking be confident and cheerful.
  • Make eye contact with the entire group.
  • Stand in straight position and do not wave or make any gesture with your hands during speaking on the topic. Kept your hands behind you.
  • Complete the main point of it before ending the time.

Introduction Before Lecturette

Before speaking or delivering lecturette, GTO will ask to give a small introduction of you. Some of following points of introduction are:

  1. Your Name
  2. Where are you from?
  3. Your Hobbies
  4. Parents profession
  5. What you are currently doing (Studying or doing Job)?

Common Lecturette Topics

Usually in SSB the topics of lecturette is quite simple and a person who is aware of current affairs of the world can easily pass it. Some of the common latest topics of lecturette are:

  1. Technology-a boon or curse
  2. GST (Goods and Service Tax)
  3. Narender Modi
  4. Demonetization
  5. Pollution in Delhi
  6. Aadhar Card
  7. NSA
  8. Tuberculosis in India
  9. Juvenile Crimes
  10. Women Empowerment
  11. Gender Discrimination
  12. HIV/AIDS
  13. Sex Ratio in State/Country
  14. Digital India
  15. Poverty
  16. Public Health System
  17. Honour Killings
  18. Smoking and Drugs Problem Among Youth
  19. Skill India
  20. Universalization of Education
  21. Water Problem Between States
  22. Tourism in India
  23. Sports in India
  24. Triple Talaq & Muslim Women
  25. Girl Infanticide & Sex Determination
  26. Saubhagya Scheme
  27. Rohingya Crisis and its Genesis
  28. India-Japan Relations
  29. Panama Papers
  30. Solar Energy
  31. Petya Ransomware

How to Prepare for Lecturette ?

  • Stay in touch with the latest happening of the national and international.
  • Speak daily before the mirror on different topics.
  • Collect or gather information and figures about all topics of current events from anywhere.
  • By listening speeches and news debate you can improve your communication skills.

In the above of this blog we have mentioned some common lecturette topics. Like these topics there are several others. So keep in touch with current events of national and international issues.

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