How to Write PPDT Story with Examples in SSB Interview

PPDT stands for Picture Perception and Discussion Test. It starts on the very first day of SSB Interview. OIR and PPDT both is the test of screening. The procedure of writing PPDT Story is very simple. At first, a picture will be shown to you. On the basis of this picture you have to write a story.

Actually the story is not based on the picture but it is based on your understanding. On seeing the picture what will you imagine or consider is the process of writing PPDT story.

If we consider an example like that some boys are in a river. For some candidates, they are enjoying. For some other aspirants, they are learning how to swim. While for the rest weather is too hot and boys are bathing in it or something like that.

So, it depends on your prescription. All candidates have their own different prescription.

How to write PPDT story in SSB
How to Write PPDT Story in SSB?

Instructions for Writing PPDT Story

  • A picture will be shown to you. It will remain on the screen only for 30 seconds. These 30 seconds are very valuable so don’t waste this short period of time in doing anything else. During this short period of time you have to observe the picture along with its surroundings.
  • On seeing the picture, the first thing of doing is making a story in your mind. In other words make a story from beginning to end. The common mistake that is done by almost every candidate is they just start writing only after making the beginning of story. Then on reaching the middle of it they get confused what to write now. Therefore, always make up the complete story along with its end before starting to write.
  • On observing the picture very well note down the number of character, their age, mood, sex and action in the already available or prescribed space. Read our previous article for getting more information about it.

Now comes the topic or theme of story. It doesn’t matter what type of story is. The only thing that matters is the story should be logical and positive. We can define logics and positive as:

  1. Never try to give your character some superman or He-man powers.
  2. Don’t kill anyone in your story. Because even defense army don’t like war or blood.
  3. Always try to write a story which is full of joy and happiness. For e.g. a story on morning walk, any sports event, festival or any celebration etc.
  4. Always maintain the order of story. It means what is going on in current situation and what will happen at the end of the story.
  5. Try to narrate the story which is based on your own life incidents. It means be the hero or main character of your story.
  6. Never try to make it lengthy. Always write a simple story. Must keep the main motive of your story to understand the basic idea of it.
  7. Here we want to clear one thing that all are rumours that you cannot write a story on Army Life. You can also choose army life the main topic of your story.

You can clear your all doubts with the help of below available PPDT picture. We are not mentioning the complete story only because of the reason of your recommendation. Because preconceived story always lower the chances of your recommendation. So, we are providing only the idea of making various stories on the basis of this picture. You can leave your story in the comment section after observing the picture.

How to Write PPDT Story During SSB Interview

The hazy picture is shown for 30 seconds and in next one minute; you have to write following details on answer sheet:

  1. No. of characters
  2.  Age
  3. Sex
  4. Mood &
  5. Action


When writing above details, follow these simple Instructions

As it is a test of your imagination, you can take as many characters in the story, as you are observing in the picture. There is No limit on no. of characters in the story. There must be a main character or Hero in your story. Male candidates will assume it as a male character and female candidates will assume it as a female character. This main character must be of your own age. Rest characters can be of any age group. These characters can be male, female or person.

When you are not sure about the gender of character, just simply write “person” in the box. Mood can be +/-/neutral. Try to imagine them in positive mood. Action can be any normal day to day life activity i.e. reading, playing, running, farming, gardening, dancing etc. Write the action in a single sentence mentioning name, age & mood of the characters.

Now we come on the story. It must be simple and practical. Don’t insert some SHAKTIMAAN or SUPERMEN powers in your characters. Most common mistake in PPDT is that candidates try to make a story only on defence or army theme. In each situation, they try to bring army, solider, war etc. You can make such stories, but it is a test of imagination. If you make only such type of stories, it will give a negative impact. It will show that you are weak in imagination power. So until it’s not necessary, don’t make a story on war or something like that.

 The story must be written in this order:

What led to the situation, what is going on in the situation and what will happen at the end.

We will give you one such example, so that you can understand the basic approach. We are not giving the complete story, because the preconceived stories never work. You have to use your own imagination to complete the story. The actual picture will be very hazy. The example given below is quiet clear, just to make you understand the basic idea.

Right approach:

  • There can be a story on friends enjoying a picnic tour.
  •  There can be a story on orchard visit on river side.
  •  There can be story on arranging a NCC camp.

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