How to Narrate PPDT Story in SSB Interview

PPDT stands for Picture Perception and Discussion Test. It is the most important part of SSB Interview. PPDT starts on the very first day of interview. It has four major subparts. These subparts are interrelated to each other. These are as such:

  • Picture: it is the first subpart of PPDT and on seeing it you have to write a story.
  • Story: on the basis of picture you have to write a story in your own words.
  • Narration: it is the third subpart of PPDT. And it comes after completing your story. Now you have to narrate your story in front of the group. So it is based on already described story of you.
  • Discussion: it is the end point of this test. Also it depends on the narration of each candidate.

How to narrate PPDT Story in SSB

Actually this picture will be a black & white sketch and a very blurred sketch projected on screen. Here the test procedure is very simple. A picture will be shown to you. Candidates will write a story based on what they see in the picture. Now next part is the narration. They will narrate in front of the group, what they have written on the answer sheet. Now the last part is the Group Discussion (GD).

Now we will talk about the very first critical point of the SSB interview i.e. Narration of PPDT Story. It is the first time when a candidate speaks in front of assessors of SSB Interview. This part is also important from the point of view of screening result. The assessors will decide whether the candidate will stay at the selection center for next 4 days for further testing or Not?

Now we will discuss about the test procedure of Day 1. It is very simple. At first, a blurred sketch picture will be shown to you on screen. Now on the basis of your understanding or what you have seen in this picture, you have to write a story.

The next part is narration. The candidates have to narrate the complete story in front of the group. Here comes the last part i.e. group discussion.

Narration of story is the first critical point of PPDT Story in SSB Interview. It is so because the candidate narrates a story first time in front of the assessors of SSB Interview.

On the basis of it they will decide your stay at SSB center of the next 4 days.

How to Narrate PPDT Story in SSB Interview

Here we will discuss some important point which will help you to narrate your story.

  • At very first before starting to narrate your story greet everybody by saying “Hello” to all.
  • During the process of narrating story you must keep in mind that you are telling it to the whole group, not the assessor alone.
  • Avoid describing unnecessary details.
  • The testing officer just wants to know the basic idea of your story. So don’t make it length with extra explanation.
  • In case of not completing your story on answer sheet then try to narrate it during your turn comes.
  • Always narrate the actual story that you have written on answer sheet. Never try to change the basic idea of your story. You are allowed to change some words during the narration of your story.
  • Always try to narrate complete story in minimum possible words. The main purpose of narrating it is to understand the basic idea of your story to the assessor. So always keep minimum words as possible as you can.
  • During narrating your story make eye contact to everybody presented there and stand steady without making any movement of your body.
  • Narrate your story in clear and loud voice so that everyone can listen it clearly.
  • Also narrate the whole story with full confidence and never show any sign of terror or frightens.
  • When the testing or interviewing officer asks you to stop, you must stop speaking at once.
  • At last before appearing in SSB Interview keep practices of writing story on various topics. Also trying to narrate it to your friends or colleague.

As we all know that it is the first impression on assessors. So you must prepare yourself already. In screening process, narration is the only impression which will decide your stay in or out from SSB Center. That’s why prepare well yourself before attending SSB Interview. That’s all about PPDT story and how to narrate it during SSB Interview.

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