Some Do’s and Don’ts at SSB Selection Centre

Hello Aspirants! We are here with our new article. Today we will discuss about what to do and what not to do at SSB Selection Centre. SSB Interview is not as tough as other interviews. But it seems strict or tough because of the success rate of selection process.

At SSB Selection Centre, the candidates are tested by experienced officers for 5 days. For getting recommended in SSB some candidate join coaching centre.

But there is not a single coaching institute which ensures 100% success in SSB. You have to prepare yourself. And only the preparation is not enough, you must have the complete knowledge of SSB Interview process so that you are prepared well for each test.


Other than these tests, there are also some rules and regulation. Here we are providing the list of some do’s and don’ts at SSB selection centre. You must have to follow these instructions strictly. These are as:


  1. Keep the record of all documents or bio data certificates as you have to fill them in arrival info form.
  2. Never mention or fill the fake information about you.
  3. Make friends as many as possible at your arrival or reception.
  4. Deposit your mobile phone or any other electronic device if you are asked to do so. It will be returned to you before leaving SSB center.
  5. Always wear a neat and clean dress and look smart. Looking smart will make you feel more confident.
  6. For making any query or if you are facing any problem then inform the candidate line in charge firstly.
  7. Address the group as friends or Gentleman. Try to become popular with your batch mates. It will help you in GTO and during group task. Know each individual with his/her name.
  8. If you are not feeling well physically or there is any medical problem then discuss it to the medical officer.
  9. Listen the instructions carefully and try to clear your all doubts before the test.
  10. Complete your Biometric at the call of it. It is only just a test of your eye and fingers.
  11. For understanding the city well during your city visits, meet with a city guide. And reach the centre well in time.
  12. Be cool, calm, polite and respective with all the staff members of SSB during interact with them.
  13. During personal interview if you don’t know the answer of any question then politely accept it. Never try to tell lie.
  14. During psychology test always write a positive story and also discuss officer like quality in it.


  1. Do not visit the testing areas before or after mentioned time.
  2. Do not visit the restricted or not allowed areas at SSB Selection center.
  3. Do not waste your time in wandering or reading magazines.
  4. Never give false or bluff information about you.
  5. Do not smoke and drink wine during your stay at SSB centre. As it will become the cause of your candidature cancellation.
  6. Keep yourself physically fit. Keep regular practice for matching SSB Physical requirements.
  7. Do not wait for right time for speaking. Grab the chance whenever there is no one speaking.
  8. Do not show dominance to others during group discussion. Listen carefully the comment of other candidates on any particular talk.
  9. Do not pass any personal comment on anyone’s life.
  10. Try to write the story in past tense.


With the help of these instructions you can avoid many problems. Always try to show the actual qualities of you. Never try to copy or adopt the trait of selected or recommended candidates. Be genuine and show what you are. Still you have any problem or doubt in your mind or can to give any suggestion then you can discuss it in the comment box. It would be pleasure to help you.

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