Day 5 – Conference

5TH day of SSB Interview is known as conference. It is closing day of 5 days SSB process. A few lucky guys/girls pass this day and wear the chest number with a plus sign. For rest it is the last day at selection centre. On this day, there will be a conference followed by the announcement of result of 5 days testing.

The schedule and procedure of 5th day

The conference usually starts at 8 am. Candidates will get the information about the timing well in advance. Everybody has to reach outside the conference room at exact time. Then conference room is shown to all candidates. A few instructions may be given to you about how to enter in the room, how to greet the board members etc.

Then all the candidates are made to sit in a conference hall. There will be a closing address by the President or the Deputy President of board. He will speak about the qualities they were looking in candidates for last 4 days. This will be a motivational–cum-explanation speech. He will tell the candidates that each and every selection & rejection is 100% fair. May be you miss it this time but-


If not, then also don’t lose hope because the world is full of opportunities.

After this closing address, the conference starts. Candidates are called according to the chest numbers (may be in ascending or descending order).Rest candidates wait for their turns in the waiting room.

What is conference?

As the name suggest, conference is a meeting of board members with individual candidate. All boards members i.e. President of the SSB board , Deputy President , all Psychologists ,GTOs & the Interviewing Officers will be present in the conference room. They will be setting in a “U” shape arrangement with President & Deputy President at the center.

Everybody there will be in their service uniform. Before calling a candidate inside the conference room, these board members will discuss about candidate’s Psychological report, GTO report and Interviewing Officer report.

When all 3 assessors (Psychologist, GTO & IO) approve the candidate, only then he/she will be recommended. Even if a single assessor has some doubt, candidate will be rejected. Border line candidate’s fate is decided by triggering some more questions. These can be SRT questions, any situation problem or questions about his/her performance.

So length of your conference depends on your previous 4 days’ performance. Usually this duration remains 10-30 minutes.

There are some common questions asked by the board members to each & every candidate-

  • How was the stay?
  • How was the food?
  • Any suggestion?

When the conference of all candidates is over, one board member will come and announce the result. He will call the chest numbers of recommended candidates. These candidates will stay for the medical examination & wear the chest number with a plus sign. Rest will be sent back on very same day.

Hence the 5 day long SSB interview ends.


1.   Dress code for the conference is same as the personal interview.