Day 2 : Psychology Test

When you get screen in, your stay for next 4 days at SSB selection centre is confirmed. In these 4 days, you are accessed by board members through various tests. Psychology test is also one such test & the important one. A very experienced psychologist conducts this test. He tests whether you are fit for defence service or not. He tests your psychology by various methods. Following test are conducted on day-2 i.e. day of psychology.

  1. TAT – Thematic Apperception Test
  2. WAT – Word Association Test
  3. SRT – Situation Reaction Test
  4. SD – Self-Description

TAT – Thematic Apperception Test

TAT stands for Thematic Apperception Test. It is similar to PPDT. It is just a bigger version of PPDT with some minor changes. In this test, candidates only have to write stories on pictures.

They need not to write other details e.g. no. of candidates, sex, age, mood or action, as they did in screening test. In TAT, a series of 12 pictures is shown to the candidates one by one at an interval of 4 and half minutes. Candidates get 30 seconds to observe the picture and 4 minutes to write a story on it. As 4 1/2 minutes complete, next picture come on the screen with a bell sound and so on.

12th slide is a blank slide. You have to make a story using your own imagination for this slide.

One demo picture is given below:

WAT – Word Association Test 

WAT stands for word association test. It is 2nd psychology test. Candidates are Shown 60 words, one by one. Each word remains on screen for 15 seconds. As the 16th second start, a new word comes on the screen and so on. In these 15 seconds, you have to observe it and have to write a sentence using this word. As the time period is very short, you have to write the first thought that comes in your mind after watching the word on screen.


SRT – Situation Reaction Test 

SRT stands for situation reaction test. In this test, a booklet having 60 situations is provided to you. You have to write your response in that kind of situation. Time allotted is 30 minutes.

Some examples are given below:

1. During a trekking trip, you were left alone in the jungle. You…….

2. You are in train & lost your purse with money. You……….

SD – Self-Description

SD stands for self-description. Here you have to write about yourself. How much you know about yourself. You have to write it in opinions form.

You have to write following points:

  • Parent’s opinion about you.
  • Friends/ colleges’ opinion about you.
  • Teacher’s/Boss opinion about you.
  • Your own opinion about yourself.
  • What kind of person you want to be.

You have to complete these points in 15 minutes. As you complete the SD test, the booklet is taken back from you and the day of psychology ends.


  1. You are not allowed to wear any kind of watch during psychology tests.
  2. Do practice of writing complete story in 4 minutes.
  3. Do practice of writing SD, so that you don’t miss any point.